they said it can’t be done
but i knew we were different
we made it so far
despite the distance
we knew we’d always come back

but there’s a lingering fear
when things are rough
will you up and leave?
because distance is what we’re used to
just as we always returned to each other
will you eventually return to distance



rivers don’t look back
they only move forward

its meandering is a mere hesitation
but the hesitation is brief

the cut bank builds momentum and picks up speed
and throws the baggage at the point bar

a river’s meandering is but a necessary hesitation
shaking off the dirt and what slows it down

rivers don’t look back
they only move forward

i will follow You

i don’t need You
down the paved road
and concrete stairs
i am fiercely independent
i can hold my own

but i want to need You
down the beaten dirt path
and uneven brick steps
i want to lean on You
i can’t go alone

in fact, i do need You
through the narrow way
past those pearly gates
i need You
i need You